Friday, 29 April 2022

29th April 2022 Unst SE2 Clear

Another beautiful calm morning to complete my Black Guillemot survey during which it soon became apparent some Corvids were on the move seeing 2 Carrion Crows, then a flock of 4 Carrion Crows and 6 Hooded Crows, then a Jackdaw, 4 Carrion Crows and 4 Hooded Crows before finally a single Carrion Crow all seen flying north prior to 9am. I then completed my Common Bird Census square centered upon Skaw where a single Arctic Skua was arguably the only migrant seen. A walk around Norwick proved a little better seeing 4 Great Northern Divers, a Long-tailed Duck, a Sparrowhawk, 2 Whimbrel, an Arctic Skua, a Collared Dove, a Swallow, a White Wagtail, a Robin, a singing Willow Warbler and 6 Bramblings.

calm seas off Norwick

Black Guillemots off Norwick
judging by their whistling they were enjoying the weather as much as I was

Carrion Crows, Hooded Crows and a Jackdaw
the first Carrion Crows and Jackdaw that I've seen on Unst this year