Sunday, 25 November 2012

25th November 2012 Cuckmere W5 Showers

Bar-headed Goose 1
Red-breasted Merganser 1 oxbows
Yellow-legged Gull 3

Third-winter Yellow-legged Gull in the Cuckmere
Note the white mirror and white tip to p10 but no mirror on p9 that can be distinctive on this species. Also its pale eye and pale legs. Its pear-shaped white head and small, abeit pale, eye could prove a trap for the unwary. An additional sign of its immaturity was the remnants of a broad dark tail band just visible in the first image above.
Stormy seas crashing over Newhaven West Pier

Sunday, 18 November 2012

18th November 2012 Beachy, Seaford, Newhaven & Hampden Park

Sparrowhawk 2
Goldcrest 5
Firecrest 1
Corn Bunting 1

Snow Bunting 1 ex.


Newhaven Harbour
Black Redstart 1

Black Redstart at Newhaven Harbour

Hampden Park
Tufted Duck 1 female

Female Tufted Duck at Hampden Park
Whilst the bird sports a complete white band surrounding the base of its bill, which in itself is not too unusual for a Tufted Duck, it clearly has a peaked rear crown and the slight suggestion of a tuft. Furthermore, its bill pattern complete with pale subterminal band and extensive black tip and its uniform dark brown back (unfortunately) eliminate the possibility of it being a Lesser Scaup.
Cobwebs at West Rise Marsh
A sea of cobwebs at most sites visited were a feature of the day

Sunday, 11 November 2012

11th November 2012 Pagham & Amberley Calm and sunny

Hooded Merganser 1 first-winter ex.
Spotted Redshank 1
Swallow 1

It's back!
Having spent all day Saturday failing to see the Hooded Merganser it was quite a relief for it to be the first bird seen on reaching the sluice in the gloomy misty dawn on Sunday!


 First-winter Hooded Merganser at Pagham North Wall Sluice

Not the only North American Duck seen today!

Dark-bellied Brent Geese at Pagham

Common Crane 1 adult ex.


Adult Common Crane seen arriving at Amberley

Adult Common Crane once settled at Amberley

Saturday, 10 November 2012

10th November 2012 Pagham Calm & overcast

Brent c.1,000
Black Brant 1 adult
Goldeneye 1 drake
Water Rail 2
Golden Plover c.500
Grey Plover c.100
Lapwing c1,000
Knot c.80
Curlew Sandpiper 1 juv.
Snipe c.20
Black-tailed Godwit c.250
Spotted Redshank 2
Black-headed Gull 1 pale aberrant
Mediterranean Gull c.20
Yellow-legged Gull 1 ad.
Kingfisher 1
Rock Pipit 3

First-winter male Blackbird at Church Lane, Pagham

Adult Black Brant at Pagham North Wall

Juvenile Curlew Sandpiper at Pagham North Wall

Adult winter Black-tailed Godwit at Pagham North Wall

Juvenile Black-tailed Godwit at Pagham North Wall
a tiny-sized individual

Water Rail at Pagham North Wall

Aberrant Black-headed Gull at Pagham Harbour
Not the hoped-for highlight of the day but this aberrant Black-headed Gull was certainly eye-catching enough.