Sunday, 31 October 1993

31/10/93 Winspit, Dorset


Red-flanked Bluetail at Winspit (Robin Chittenden)
One of the all-time largest twitches for what was one of the most enigmatic species to see in Britain & Ireland. We arrived and parked in the designated field and cars were arriving all night with the lane down the valley overcrowded with birders at dawn. A crush ensued when the Bluetail first showed but everyone left happy having eventually having obtained good views. For us to see a Bluetail and a White's Thrush in the same year, what seemed like two of the Shetland enigmas, was beyond all expectations.

Saturday, 23 October 1993

23/10/93 St. Marys

American Golden Plover 1 juv.
Red-breasted Flycatcher 1

Juvenile American Golden Plover on St. Marys (Rob Wilson)

Sunday, 10 October 1993

10/10/93 Sidlesham

Subalpine Warbler 1 male

Friday, 8 October 1993

8/10/93 St. Marys

Richard’s Pipit 1
EYE-BROWED THRUSH 1 first-winter ex.

First-winter Eye-browed Thrush on St. Marys (Rob Wilson)
Having flown across to St. Marys we arrived to few people looking with most having seen it the day before. Fortunately it was soon located feeding in a bulb field.

Sunday, 3 October 1993

3/10/93 Beachy Head

Yellow-browed Warbler 1

Saturday, 2 October 1993

2/10/93 Cuckmere

Little Egret 1