Saturday, 30 June 1990

30/6/90 Sidlesham Ferry Pool

Marsh Sandpiper 1 adult ex.

Sunday, 17 June 1990

17/6/90 Rutland Water

Marbled Duck 1 adult

Saturday, 9 June 1990

9/6/90 Scillonian & St. Marys

Storm Petrel 2
Night Heron 1 sub-adult Porthellick
Ring-billed Gull 1 2s Porthcressa
TREE SWALLOW 1 ex. Porthellick

Tree Swallow at Porthellick, St. Marys (Jack Levene)
The late Spring of 1990 was a good time to be granted six weeks study leave off work to prepare for accountancy exams. Whilst the idea presumably wasn't to study various islands around the UK, that's exactly what happened, with visits to Portland, Sheppey, Shetland, Lundy, Isle of Wight and Scilly. Whilst the best I could manage in one of the exams was a poor sketch of the Pallas's Sandgrouse in the hope of an understanding examiner, some top class rarities were seen. 

Tuesday, 5 June 1990

5/6/90 Rye Harbour

Least Tern 1 adult male

Saturday, 2 June 1990

2/6/90 Isle of Wight


Alpine Accentor at the Needles, Isle of Wight (Alan Tate
I was on Shetland with RJF when we first heard of this bird and JFC got across and saw it on its first afternoon. Despite having seen one on Portland, RJF was keen to try for it, so we travelled across as foot passengers on the ferry and caught a bus to the Needles.