Tuesday, 29 May 1990

29/5/90 Lundy

Storm Petrel 3
ANCIENT MURRELET 1 adult ex. Jenny’s Cove on cliff

Ancient Murrelet at Jenny's Cove, Lundy (Mike Langham)
Having driven back from Aberdeen with the windows open to reduce the fumes from my broken exhaust I jumped straight in the back of a car with JFC & JK to Ilfracombe despite me not having a place on a charter boat. I soon talked my way onto the same fishing boat as JFC & JK and we were soon on Lundy watching the Ancient Murrelet at Jenny's Cove. The crew of the boat spent their time in the pub at Lundy and decided to have a race with another boat on the way back. The boats collided, the coastguard were called and we were escorted by a rescue helicopter for some time whilst the damage was assessed! Needless to say we soon made ourselves scarce to avoid the welcoming party back at Ilfracombe!

Sunday, 27 May 1990

27/5/90 Unst & St. Clair off Fair Isle

Snowy Owl 1 female ex.

Off Fair Isle
Storm Petrel 1

Saturday, 26 May 1990

26/5/90 Loch of Hillwell & Trestra, Shetland

PALLAS’S SANDGROUSE 1 adult male ex.

Male Pallas's Sandgrouse at Quendale (Robin Chittenden)
Trestra, Shetland
King Eider 1 adult drake ex.

Friday, 25 May 1990

25/5/90 Ythan Estuary

King Eider 2 adult drakes ex.

Sunday, 13 May 1990

13/5/90 Cuckmere & Elmney, Kent

Little Egret 2

Squacco Heron  1 adult
Dotterel 3

Wednesday, 9 May 1990

9/5/90 Elmney, Kent

SQUACCO HERON 1 adult ex.