Sunday, 27 January 2013

27th January 2013 Ouse Project & Princes Park

Scandinavian Herring Gull 1 adult

Princes Park
Bonaparte's Gull 1 adult winter ex.

Middle Farm
Barn Owl 1

Adult winter Bonaparte's Gull at Princes Park

Bonaparte's Gull at Princess Park (all JFC)

JFC watching the Bonaparte's Gull (BK)

Bonaparte's Gull at Princes Park (BK)

Bonaparte's Gull at Princes Park

Saturday, 26 January 2013

26th January 2013 Pett & Scotney

Red-throated Diver 20W
Bittern 1 fvo
Brent Goose c.90
Pink-footed Goose 2
White-fronted Goose c.80 one with green neck collar J58
Bar-headed Goose 1
Wigeon c.2,000
Pintail 8
Marsh Harrier 2
Buzzard 2
Barn Owl 1
Kingfisher 1

Barn Owl at Carter's Flood

Pink-footed Geese at Pett Levels

 Neck-collared White-fronted Goose at Pett Levels J58
Helmut Kruckenberg has kindly informed us that it was ringed at Veere, Oude Veerseeg, Netherlands on 22/12/2005. It has been seen subsequently as follows:
Winter 2005/06 Netherlands 22/12/05 – 16/2/06
Winter 2006/07 Netherlands, Belgium and back to the Netherlands 15/10/06 – 28/1/07
Winter 2007/08 Germany and the Netherlands 22/10/07 – 16/1/08
Winter 2008/09 Netherlands 3/1/09
Winter 2009/10 Netherlands and Belgium 31/10/09 – 7/2/10
Spring 2010 Estonia 31/3/10
Winter 2010/11 Netherlands, Belgium and back to the Netherlands 7/11/10 – 7/3/11
Winter 2011/12 Germany, Netherlands and Belgium 16/10/11 – 10/2/12
Winter 2012/13 Netherlands 14/10/12 – 31/12/12 and Pett Level UK 26/1/13 – 28/1/13

Bewick's Swan 12
Tundra Bean Goose 1 ex.
White-fronted Goose 16W
Barnacle Goose c.50
Greylag Goose c.300 one with white colour-ring V3P
Wigeon c.1,000
Marsh Harrier 3+
Common Crane 1 adult

Bewick's Swan and offspring at Scotney

Adult Common Crane at Scotney
Barnacle Geese at Scotney
It was good to bump into MCC enjoying these at Scotney today

Colour-ringed Greylag Goose V3P at Scotney
Roger Taylor has kindly informed us that it was ringed at Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve on 14/6/09 and has been subsequently seen at Dungeness on 8/10/09 and at Tenterden on 5/7/10.

Adult Tundra Bean Goose at Scotney

White-fronted Geese over Scotney (JFC)

Sunday, 13 January 2013

13th January 2013 Birling NNE2 Overcast cold 8am-10am

Red-throated Diver 30E
Great Crested Grebe 3E
Little Egret 1E
Gannet 101E, 4W
Brent Goose 242 E
Shelduck 7E
Scoter 2E, 1W
Velvet Scoter 1E female
Wigeon 1 on sea
Teal 1E
Bonxie 2E
Auk sp. 620E
Skylark c.200 in field
Raven 3

 A very early start to the Brent passage this year

Sunday, 6 January 2013

6th January 2013 Pett, Rye & Dungeness

Red-throated Diver c.10
Great Crested Grebe c.10
Little Egret c.5
Great White Egret 2 ex. Dungeness
Egyptian Goose 2
Goldeneye 2 ARC
Smew 4 (1 drake) ex. ARC
Ruddy Duck 1
Marsh Harrier c.5
Merlin 1 Rye
Spotted Redshank 1 w/p Rye
Bonxie 1 off Dungeness
Mediterranean Gull 2 ad w/p Pett one with turquoise colour-ring
Glaucous Gull 1 3w Dungeness
Razorbill 6W Pett
Cetti's Warbler c.3h Rye
Tree Sparrow c.6 Dungeness

Colour-ringed (German?) adult Mediterranean Gull at Pett

Drake Smew on the ARC Pit, Dungeness
Great White Egret on the ARC Pit, Dungeness

Saturday, 5 January 2013

5th January 2013 Arlington & Cuckmere

Slavonian Grebe 1 w/p distant
Mandarin 1 drake
Pintail 1
Mistle Thrush 2

Little Egret 5
Egyptian Goose 2
Bar-headed Goose 1

Woodcock 1 fvo ex.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

1st January 2013 Beachy, Arlington & Lewes

Red-throated Diver 2E
Fulmar c.5
Wigeon 8 on sea
Common Buzzard 1 sat on wall
Kestrel 1
Curlew 4
Black-headed Gull 40W
Kittiwake 6W adults
Auk sp. 1E
Skylark c.70
Rock Pipit 2
Stonechat 1 male
Goldfinch 15
Slavonian Grebe 1 w/p distant
Mistle Thrush 3
Waxwing c.12
the first-winter ringed at Newtown College, Powys on 1/12/12

an adult by virtue of the yellow fringes to the inner webs of its primaries

Waxwings at Lewes
Cape Shelduck 2 pair
Barnacle Goose 50
Fieldfare 50
Redwing 2

Pair of Cape Shelduck near Lewes