Thursday, 27 October 1994

27/10/94 Worthing

Radde’s Warbler 1 ex.

Friday, 21 October 1994

21/10/94 Hayle, Cornwall

Ruddy Shelduck 6 ex.
Franklin’s Gull 1 ad. w/p ex.

Ruddy Shelducks on the Hayle (Steve Young)
The Autumn of 1994 produced a decent influx of Ruddy Shelduck with these being two of a flock of six seen on the Hayle. Despite birds associated with historical influxes of the species being afforded a place on the British list unfortunately the events of Autumn 1994 weren't enough to convince the BOURC of a wild origin for these birds.

Thursday, 20 October 1994

20/10/94 Hayle & St. Agnes

Ruddy Shelduck 6 ex.

St. Agnes

Yellow-browed Bunting on St. Agnes (Rob Wilson)
Having heard ARK recount his finding of the Yellow-browed Bunting on Fair Isle in 1980 and RJF successfully twitching it from Scilly this mythical Far Eastern species was high on our most-wanted list. A sense of disappointment prevailed when the North Ronaldsay bird of 1992 didn't linger long enough to allow Steve Mawby's plans to fly onto the island to come to fruition. So, a chance of seeing the fourth for Britian on St. Agnes was too good to miss so we made the overnight trip on the day it was found, but we weren't alone, so had to endure a long queue before getting our chance to see it in a weedy field at the old bird observatory. Fortunately the bird performed admirably all day, and once the pressure was off, we obtained some superb views of it hopping around in the open on the ground at close range.

Sunday, 16 October 1994

16/10/94 Seaforth Docks, Lancs & Rockcliffe Marsh, Cumbria


Song Sparrow at Seaforth Docks (Alan Tate)
An organised twitch into the secure docks at Seaforth where everyone was kept well back from a scrap metal heap from where the bird popped out soon after dawn onto a nearby spoil heap. Views weren't close so Alan did extremely well to obtain the above image. Particularly sweet having resisted the temptation of the (successful) boat trip to Fair Isle in '89. 

Rockcliffe Marsh

First-winter Greater Yellowlegs at Rockcliffe Marsh (M. Cottam)
The chance of 'a double' hasn't presented itself very often so the chance of doubling-up Britain's seventh Song Sparrow with a Greater Yellowlegs both being found on the 15th October was very welcome.

Saturday, 1 October 1994

1/10/94 Beachy

Red-breasted Flycatcher 1 Belle Tout Wood