Friday, 30 November 2018

30th November 2018 Nuwara Eliya to Udawalawa, Sri Lanka

We'd hoped that we might be able to revisit Victoria Park but apparently they don't open the gates early in the morning! We therefore headed back to the Boy Scouts camp ravine but only stayed an hour as the area was shrouded in thick fog. So we commenced the drive to Udawalawa but hadn't gone far when the road was closed for a while due to a colourful procession celebrating a monk being elevated to a higher level. As we moved on the scenery and vegetation changed considerably as we entered what is regarded as the dry zone of Sri Lanka. We arrived at the Athina Tented camp where the staff were quick to tell us there were some roosting Owls in the grounds although they were unsure of their identity. We were soon taken to a pair of Brown Wood Owls where a male Indian Paradise Flycatcher was a treat too. We then visited the wetlands created by the large dam quickly seeing an array of wetland species before continuing to the Udawalawa National Park and boarded an open-top jeep for a very enjoyable afternoon's birding. The acacia scrub habitat was full of birds and seeing a pair of Sri Lanka Woodshrikes soon after arrival quickly took the pressure off the afternoon. In fact an array of new birds were to follow with us seeing a hepatic morph Grey-bellied Cuckoo, 2 Blue-faced Malkohas, 5 Malabar Pied Hornbills, 8 Jerdon's Bushlarks and 2 Tricoloured Munias. As dusk fell it was time to leave the National Park and head for the nearby dam where we spent an hour or so spotlighting and succeeded in obtaining a brief flight view of a Jerdon's Nightjar that was calling on and off the whole time.

Spot-billed Pelican 2
Little Egret 5
Great Egret 10
Eastern Cattle Egret 100
Grey Heron 5
Indian Pond-Heron 5
Black-crowned Night-Heron 30
Asian Openbill 20
Woolly-necked Stork 4
Painted Stork 20
Black-headed Ibis 8
Eurasian Spoonbill 2
Lesser Whistling-Duck 1
Brahminy Kite 4
Oriental Honey-Buzzard 1
Crested Serpent-Eagle 1
Crested Hawk-Eagle 4
Grey-headed Fish-Eagle 1
Common Kestrel 1
Barred Buttonquail 1
Indian Peafowl 20
Black-winged Stilt 2
Pheasant-tailed Jacana 1
Red-wattled Lapwing 6
Yellow-wattled Lapwing 2
Common Sandpiper 1
Whiskered Tern 1
Green Imperial Pigeon 4
Spotted Dove 40
Orange-breasted Green-Pigeon 4
Rose-ringed Parakeet 8
Jacobin Cuckoo 1
Asian Koel 2
Sirkeer Malkoha 1
Brown Wood Owl 2
Indian Jungle (Grey) Nightjar h
Indian Swiftlet 40
Little Swift 2
Indian Roller 6
Common Hoopoe 1
Stork-billed Kingfisher 1
White-throated Kingfisher 2
Common Kingfisher 1
Blue-tailed Bee-eater 18
Little Green Bee-eater 30
Coppersmith Barbet 2
Yellow-fronted Pied Woodpecker 4
Indian Pitta h
Barn Swallow 100
Western Yellow Wagtail 1
Forest Wagtail 1
Paddyfield Pipit 5
Blyth's Pipit 1
Red-vented Bulbul 10
Marshall's Iora 2
Brown Shrike 6
Indian Black Robin 6
Brown-breasted Flycatcher 1
Yellow-eyed Babbler 2
Tawny-bellied Babbler 2
Yellow-billed Babbler 8
Ashy Prinia 4
Plain Prinia 6
Blyth's Reed Warbler 1
Loten's Sunbird 2
Scaly-breasted Munia 4
House Sparrow 20
Baya Weaver 10
Black-hooded Oriole 1
Rosy Starling 30
Common Myna 10
House Crow 2
Indian Jungle Crow 6

time to leave the highland forests

a colourful roadblock!

he seemed to approve

lunch stop

waterfalls as we continued to descend into the lowlands

Tufted Grey Langur

Athina Tented Camp, Udawalawa

Brown Wood Owl at Athina Tented Camp, Udawalawa

Male Indian Paradise Flycatcher at Athina Tented Camp

our driver and transport for the afternoon

Udawalawa National Park

Male Indian Peafowl at Udawalawa

Asian Elephants at Udawalawa

Little Green Bee-eater at Udawalawa

Rosy Starlings at Udawalawa

Sirkeer Malkoha at Udawalawa

Sri Lanka Woodshrikes at Udawalawa

Jerdon's Bushlark at Udawalawa

Paddyfield Pipit at Udawalawa

Blyth's Pipit at Udawalawa

Spotted Dove at Udawalawa

Jacobin Cuckoo at Udawalawa

hepatic Grey-bellied Cuckoo at Udawalawa

Plain Prinia at Udawalawa

Ashy Prinia at Udawalawa

Yellow-fronted Pied Woodpecker at Udawalawa

Male Marshall's Iora at Udawalawa

Female Marshall's Iora at Udawalawa

Adult Crested Hawk-Eagles at Udawalawa

Juvenile Crested Hawk-Eagle at Udawalawa

Pair of Orange-breasted Green-Pigeons at Udawalawa

Marsh Mugger at Udawalawa

Pair of Malabar Pied Hornbills at Udawalawa

Female Malabar Pied Hornbill at Udawalawa

Tawny-bellied Babbler at Udawalawa

Baya Weaver nests

Tricoloured Munias at Udawalawa

Blue-faced Malkoha at Udawalawa

An illustration of Blue-faced Malkoha long before it was described to science by Lady Elizabeth Gwillim

Yellow-wattled Lapwing at Udawalawa

Dusk at Udawalawa