Saturday, 26 February 2005

26th February 2005 West Dean Woods 9.00am – 5.00pm. Cold and overcast

Hen Harrier 1 ringtail
Buzzard c.8 including 5 in the air together
Sparrowhawk 3
Kestrel 1
Pheasant c.3
Stock Dove c.3
Wood Pigeon c.1000
Collared Dove c.5
Tawny Owl h
Grey Wagtail 1
Redwing c.25
Goldcrest c.3
Great Tit c.3
Coal Tit 2
Blue Tit 2
Long-tailed Tit 5
Nuthatch 2
Chaffinch 20
Redpoll c.20
Goldfinch c.25
Greenfinch c.20
Bullfinch 1
Reed Bunting 1

Sunday, 20 February 2005

20th February 2005 West Dean Woods 2.30pm – 5.00pm. Cold and overcast

Pheasant 1
Tawny Owl h
Jay 1
Chaffinch 1
Brambling 1

Sunday, 6 February 2005

6th February 2005 Bulverhythe, Northpoint, Scotney, Dungeness, Rye Harbour. Wind light S becoming calm, overcast becoming sunny

Red-throated Diver 2W Bulverhythe, 5 Dungeness Point
Slavonian Grebe 1 w/p Northpoint
Black-necked Grebe 1 w/p ARC Pit
Little Grebe 5 Scotney
Great Crested Grebe 15 on sea Bulverhythe, 1 ARC Pit, 2 Dungeness Pt
Fulmar 1E
Cormorant c.50 Castle Water colony
Bittern 2 Rye – ex. views especially of one that crossed a cutting in front of us.
Little Egret 23 Castle Water roost
Mute Swan c.40 Denge Marsh
Whooper Swan 7 ad. Denge Marsh
Bewick’s Swan 40 Old Romney
Hybrid Goose sp 4 Emperor look-alikes - Scotney – dark legs, white head extending onto neck – hybrid Barnacle x Brent or Barnacle x Snow Goose perhaps.
Greylag Goose 4
Canada Goose c.60 Rye
Barnacle Goose c.20 Scotney, c.5 Rye
Brent Goose 5 Scotney
Gadwall 4 ARC Pit
Pintail 2 ARC Pit
Shoveler 4 Lade Pits
Pochard c.25
Red-crested Pochard 2 pair Dungeness Reserve – drake briefly dived on two occasions!
Scaup 2 pair Scotney
Lesser Scaup 1 drake Kent end of Scotney – distant view though profile and grey mantle distinctive
Tufted Duck 2 Northpoint, 4 Scotney
Goldeneye 5 ARC Pit
Smew 5 Northpoint (2 drakes), 1 drake Scotney
Ruddy Duck 30 ARC Pit, 30 Lade Pit
Kestrel 1 roadside
Red-legged Partridge 6 Denge Marsh
Water Rail h Rye
Moorhen 5
Coot 25 Northpoint, 40 Northpoint
Golden Plover 1 Northpoint, 20 Rye
Lapwing 200 Northpoint, 100 Rye
Purple Sandpiper 2 Bulverhythe
Turnstone 5 Bulverhythe
Redshank c.5 Northpoint, 2 Scotney
Black-tailed Godwit 1 Northpoint
Curlew c.50 Northpoint
Ruff 4 Northpoint
Yellow-legged Gull 1 2nd-w Northpoint. Pure white head, bill pink base with black subterminal band. Coverts dark centred with pale fringes, tertials primarily dark muddy brown with pale fringes, primaries black. Appeared short-legged. In flight dark brown underwing coverts, white rump and broad terminal black band to tail.
Lesser Black-backed Gull 2 Scotney
Great Black-backed Gull c.40 Dungeness Pt.
Kittiwake 2 Dungeness Pt
Glaucous Gull 1 1w Dungeness Point. Prolonged flight views. Uppersides of primaries grey not particularly white looking. Brown underwing coverts contrasted with pale cream flight feathers. Large bill primarily pink with black tip. Eye dark. Head and underparts a smooth velvety brown. Undertail coverts barred. Upperwings mottled brown. Tail above had grey centers to feathers. Vague darker trailing edge formed by darkish tips to primaries.
Auk sp. 5W Bulverhythe, 5W Dungeness Pt
Stock Dove c.70 Rye
Wood Pigeon c.50 Denge Marsh
Long-eared Owl 2 Rye at daytime roost
Barn Owl 1 Dungeness RSPB hunting along entrance track at 1pm. Superb.
Little Owl 1 Rye
Green Woodpecker 1 Dungeness RSPB
Meadow Pipit 3 Bulverhythe
Pied Wagtail c.120 Castle Water pre-roost gathering
Stonechat 1 Dungeness Pt
Fieldfare c. 10 Denge Marsh
Cetti’s Warbler 1 glimpsed in flight across a channel at Castle Water 2h
Bearded Tit h Castle Water
Reed Bunting c.3 Rye

Saturday, 5 February 2005

5th February 2005 Cuckmere 7.30am, Birling Seawatch 7.45am – 9.15am, 10.55am – 11.15am, Cuckmere 11.30am – 1.00pm. Wind S 10-15 cloudy and cold

Red-throated Diver 8E w/p (2 w/p juv. settled on sea for a while)
Little Grebe c.8 Cuckmere on river and meanders
Fulmar 10 including some along cliffs
Gannet 335E all adults apart from just 3 immature (11w, 12w & 14w)
Cormorant 6E
Shag 1 ad. Non-br on sea then flew east. All dark belly, short thin neck, peak to crown above eye. Short rounded wings in flight.
Little Egret c.3 Cuckmere, 1 Tarring Neville
Grey Heron c.3 Cuckmere
Mute Swan c.6 Cuckmere
Canada Goose c.30 Cuckmere
Brent Goose 10E
Shelduck c.6 Cuckmere, 2 Newhaven
Wigeon c.350 Cuckmere
Teal c.20 Cuckmere
Mallard 3 Cuckmere
Shoveler 1 Cuckmere
Moorhen 3 Cuckmere
Oystercatcher 2E, 1W, 8 on beach below Seven Sisters
Lapwing c.250 Tide Mills
Dunlin 2 Tide Mills
Redshank c.10 Cuckmere
Bonxie 1W c.7.55
Black-headed Gull 2E, c.30 on sea
Common Gull c.4E, c.50 Cuckmere
Lesser Black-backed Gull c.10 graellsii Cuckmere
Herring Gull c.20 Beachy, c.20 Cuckmere
Great Black-backed Gull c.20E, c.200 on beach below Seven Sisters, c.150 Cuckmere
Kittiwake 19E, 2W
Razorbill 1 sat on sea oiled, 2 on sea, 6 west the dropped onto sea
Auk sp. 66E, 66W (!), 4 on sea – majority probably Razorbills – larger flock sizes flying west
Tawny Owl 2 one rufous, one grey – Belle Toute Wood
Green Woodpecker 1
Skylark 2 Beachy incl. 1 singing, c.10 Cuckmere
Rock Pipit 1 Cuckmere on riverbank
Pied Wagtail 2
Dunnock 1
Robin 5
Black Redstart 1 imm./fem. behind Birling Hotel as in December so over-wintered
Stonechat 1 between Birling & Belle Toute Wood
Blackbird c.7
Song Thrush 5, 1 Cuckmere
Goldcrest 1 Cuckmere, 1 Tide Mills
Blue Tit 3
Great Tit 1
Magpie 4
Jackdaw 6
Carrion Crow 13
Raven 2 – 3 incl. Pair with lead bird calling and tumbling a short distance on one occasion
Starling 26
House Sparrow c.8
Chaffinch 1
Greenfinch 2
Reed Bunting c.5 Cuckmere