Thursday, 15 June 1995

15/6/95 Wigan, Greatham Creek & Langdon

River Warbler 1 male singing

Greatham Creek
Ross’s Gull 1 adult s/p ex.
Langdon Beck
Black Grouse 9 males

Adult Ross's Gull at Greatham Creek, Cleveland (Alan Tate )
Pete Neatherway tempted us north to try for both a singing River Warbler and an adult summer plumaged Ross's Gull. Whilst the views of the Warbler were more distant that we would have liked the same wasn't true for the Gull that was feeding on emerging insects along the edge of a small pool and therefore showing down to a few feet from its small group of admirers affording spectacular views.

Tuesday, 6 June 1995

6/6/95 Weirwood Reservoir

Egyptian Goose 1