Monday, 18 October 2021

18th October 2021 Unst SE5 Overcast

From the outset we were hearing and seeing overflying Redwings with our first decent arrival of the Autumn with many grounded flocks as the day wore on. Flocks of Brambling were also arriving and to a much lesser extent Blackbirds, Fieldfares and a Ring Ouzel. As we were driving towards Haroldswick Robbie sent a message to say a pod of Orcas were entering the wick. We arrived in time to see them heading for open water so we took a chance on Lamba Ness where we obtained some exhilarating close views of them in the heavy seas off the south cliffs. Then all too soon the weather deteriorated with the onset of heavy rain and gales.

Norwick: 3 Long-tailed Duck, Jack Snipe, juvenile Glaucous Gull, Robin, c.3,500 Redwings, c. 20 Fieldfares, c.20 Blackbirds, Ring Ouzel, Goldcrest & c.220 Brambling

Skaw: c.1,500 Redwing & c.35 Brambling.

Lamba Ness: c.750 Redwing & c.10 Brambling.

Haroldswick: c.1,000 Redwing, c.20 Blackbirds & c.10 Bramblings.

Redwings over Norwick

Redwings and Bramblings over Norwick

Ring Ouzel over Norwick

Orcas off Haroldswick

Orcas spyhopping off Lamba Ness

Orcas tail slapping off Lamba Ness

Orca swimming on its back

Orcas breaching off Lamba Ness

Orcas passing Lamba Ness

Orca underwater off Lamba Ness