Tuesday, 25 August 2020

25th August 2020 Unst ENE 1 Overcast

Nice conditions for birding in the morning despite the midges, but once the cloud cleared, the blue skies killed the activity. I mistimed my arrival at Skaw as two large raptors were just disappearing south over the Saxa Vord ridge - despite putting what appeared every Bonxie on Unst into the air for 20 minutes unfortunately I failed to see them again. A Lesser Whitethroat at Lamba Ness was the first I've seen this Autumn. The Greenish Warbler was still present at the Shore Station. A walk around Norwick added the Pied Flycatcher and 2 Willow Warblers. On walking around Haroldswick I bumped into a frustratingly silent Acro, that looked a Marsh Warbler, but promptly disappeared albeit not before I'd obtained a few images. At Clingera 3 Black-tailed Godwits were the first we've seen this year.

large raptors heading south from Skaw

Lesser Whitethroat at Lamba Ness

Marsh Warbler at Haroldswick
Pro-Marsh Warbler features include its large-eyed appearance, broad-based hefty bill, overall pale sandy appearance (I've made no adjustments to the images), the yellowish blush to its underparts, pale undertail-coverts, sturdy pale legs, contrastingly pale-fringed tertials, evenly spaced pale-fringed primaries and c.100% primary projection.