Thursday, 15 April 2021

15th April 2021 Unst S2 Overcast

A nice calm albeit frosty morning after a very clear night. A Wheatear was on the fenceline outside our house, 2 Redwings were still behind our house and my first Swallow of the year was on fencelines at NorthDale. A walk around Norwick produced a female Merlin bearing a metal ring, my first White Wagtail of the year, a Pied Wagtail and 3 Redwings. There was a Wheatear along Holsens road and Skaw produced my first Chiffchaff of the year and the Wheatear was still present there with another seen on Lamba Ness where the blue Fulmar was also present and a few Puffins offshore.

Swallow at NorthDale

White Wagtail at Norwick

Chiffchaff at Skaw

blue Fulmar at Lamba Ness