Thursday, 19 May 2022

19th May 2022 Unst SSE5 Rain clearing

In what felt like a repeat of yesterday's weather, sadly there was no repeat in yesterday's excitements, at least, not for me. Skaw was still playing host to the blue-headed Wagtail but otherwise I only saw a Swallow and a Chiffchaff during the early morning rain. A walk around Norwick only added a Sparrowhawk, a Swallow, a Blackcap, a Garden Warbler and a Common Whitethroat so I decided to take the lawnmower for a walk keeping an eye to the increasingly blue skies! Sadly, none of the various large raptors (a Marsh Harrier and a couple of Black Kites) that were seen on the island during the afternoon chose to grace the skies above Norwick, or if they did, I missed them!