Friday, 9 August 2019

3rd August 2019 Halfway to Faroe Islands and back NE2 Overcast

Brydon had kindly arranged me a place aboard the Silver Swift that Phil had chartered to head northwest towards the continental shelf. Leaving Hamnavoe on Burra we made a stop on Foula from where we then headed northwest towards ever deeper water eventually reaching not far short of halfway to the Faroes! We arrived over the shelf where a slick of chum proved attractive to Storm Petrels and a Manx Shearwater before all too soon it was time for us to return seeing a few Atlantic White-sided Dolphins as we did. We arrived back later than anticipated but Phil and Rebecca couldn't have made us more welcome to again stay at their Ortolan House B&B.

the Silver Swift

our track northwest of Shetland

steaming northwest (Glen Tyler)

 Brydon photographing the Stormies

Storm Petrels northwest of Shetland

Manx Shearwater northwest of Shetland

Puffins northwest of Shetland

Sunset over Foula (Gina Scanlan)