Thursday, 1 August 2019

1st August 2019 Unst SE1 Misty

Another morning visit to Skaw that failed to produce a migrant passerine and even all of the Turnstones had departed. On arriving home the Mediterranean Gull was again present in the cut hay field. Just as we were about to walk away from Valyie having seen just the 2 Chiffchaffs we heard the quiet feeding call of Crossbills and soon located a first-summer male and adult female Two-barred Crossbill, that after a period of trumpeting, flew off high to the south. Norwick beach also drew a blank for Turnstones but the Mediterranean Gull was now present there sat on the sea. A check of a few more sites around the north of the island proved unrewarding.

First-summer male and adult female Two-barred Crossbills at Valyie