Monday, 22 February 2021

22nd February 2021 Unst WSW3 Overcast

A nice mild day that became increasingly sunny. A Water Rail was present in our neighbours field feeding around the silage bales. A walk around Skaw produced a Sparrowhawk along the cliffs and my first 2 Skykarks of the year. Lamba Ness produced the surprise for the day being 2 overflying 2cy Mute Swans heading towards Norwick, a Merlin and an oiled 2cy Kittiwake in bad shape. A walk around Norwick added a Redwing and another 2 Skylarks and we saw another at Haroldswick too.  

Water Rail at Millfield

Mute Swans over Lamba Ness

Redwing at Norwick