Saturday, 20 February 2021

20th February 2021 Unst SW2 Clear

A Spring-like morning. Walking some beaches sadly produced a dead Razorbill at Inner Skaw on Lamba Ness and an oiled Herring Gull at Burrafirth. There was also a Glaucous Gull on the beach Burrafirth. Just as we were leaving to visit the shop we saw a White-billed Diver off Norwick.

Dead Razorbill on the beach at Inner Skaw, Lamba Ness

Oiled 2cy Herring Gull at Burrafirth

4cy Glaucous Gull at Burrafirth
Being similar in size to a Herring Gull and with its wings projecting so far past the tip of its tail this must be a small female.

White-billed Diver off Norwick