Tuesday, 1 September 2020

1st September Unst NW5 Clear

The owners of the farm at Skaw would like to remind all visitors that there is strictly no entry to the croft and its immediate vicinity. This evening all gates were found to have been left open and even the ties had been removed to the red entrance gates to the croft itself.

A windy and cool morning made for difficult birding conditions. Burrafirth had failed to produce a migrant so I headed to Skaw with low expectations so an Arctic Warbler found feeding alongside a Willow Warbler along the cliffs near the mouth of the burn was a welcome surprise. A walk around Norwick added a few Swallows, a Sand Martin, a juvenile Stonechat, a Garden Warbler, 2 Willow Warblers and a very vocal Greenish Warbler - the latter being the fifth that I've found this Autumn!


Arctic Warbler at Skaw

Stonechat at Norwick

Greenish Warbler at Valyie