Wednesday, 6 May 2020

6th May 2020 Unst NW4 Overcast

My morning commute to Yell was greatly enlivened when I noticed a very early-returning Red-necked Phalarope on a roadside pool. Whilst at work on Yell, Vaila kindly forwarded an image of an escaped Painted Bunting now present at Uyeasound that had previously been seen at Flamborough and Aberdeen earlier this Spring and then Brenda sent me an image of a Wryneck that Bertie had found dead at Skaw this morning. Whilst commuting home I saw 9 Barnacle Geese at Gutcher, my first 8 Arctic Terns of the year and then Jim Thomson very kindly stopped me in my tracks to point me in the direction of a Common Crane that he'd just seen at Haroldswick.

Female Red-necked Phalarope on Unst

Common Crane at Haroldswick
thank you Jim!

Wryneck found dead at Skaw by Bertie
On a previous occasion Bertie found a dead Hawfinch