Tuesday, 10 November 2020

10th November 2020 Unst SSE4 Overcast

Skaw produced the Eider, 3 Long-tailed Ducks, a Glaucous Gull, 25 Fieldfares, 15 Redwings, a Black Redstart, a Common Chiffchaff and a Common Redpoll. I saw a Sparrowhawk and a Blue Tit on my return along Holsens road. NorthDale held 10 Redwings and there was a Merlin at Ungirsta mires and a male Peregrine chasing Ravens at the Shore Station. The Grey Plover had been joined by a Dunlin on Haroldswick beach. In already fading light in overcast and misty conditions I found an interesting bedraggled Phyllosc in NorwickAlthough it was resolutely silent the combination of its apricot-buff undertail-coverts, broad supercilium and bill shape - seen in that order - convinced me it was a Radde's Warbler despite the late date. I managed a few images but bear in mind they were all obtained at the highest ISO. Hopefully it will still be present in the morning...

Black Redstart at Skaw

Initial views of a bedraggled Phyllosc but its conspicuous broad supercilium was very striking and pinkish legs appearing rather sturdy

Its apricot-buff undertail coverts contrasting with the rest of its albeit rather sodden underparts are just about discernible in the above images 

Its broad supercilium enhanced by its broad dark eye-stripe.

Appearing large-eyed and its bill appeared both short and thick

Its supercilium appearing most colourful just above its eye whitening at its rear.  

both a vague olive cast to its upperparts and vague yellowish wash to its bedraggled underparts

Radde's Warbler at Norwick

Radde's (left)Thailand (Natthaphat Chotjuckdikul), Norwick (centre) & Dusky (right) Portugal (Jose Frade)
A comparison of head shape, bill structure & broad fore-supercilium.