Friday, 9 March 2018

9th March 2018 Ba'kelalan, Sarawak

We followed a now familiar routine first concentrating at lower elevations and then driving higher. The lower elevations produced some nice surprises including a pair of Jambu Fruit Doves (something I'd only previously seen with JFC in Thailand in 1992), a couple of Brown-backed Needletails zooming around overhead being a new species for Badau, a Red-bearded Bee-eater and another small flock of Pygmy Heleia but the higher elevations proved quiet today. After dark we again went out spotlighting and were soon watching a Sunda Scops Owl but we then spent several hours listening to around 3 Oriental Bay Owls but frustratingly not seeing any of them.

Roulroul h
Thick-billed Green Pigeon 2
Pink-necked Green Pigeon 5
Jambu Fruit Dove 2
Mountain Imperial Pigeon 6
Indian Cuckoo 1
Grey-rumped Treeswift 6
Plume-toed Swiftlet 6
Brown-backed Needletail 2
White-breasted Waterhen 1
Cinnamon Bittern 2
Eastern Cattle Egret 50
Little Egret 1
Kinabalu Serpent-Eagle 2
Black Eagle 1
Mountain Barbet 2
Maroon Woodpecker 1
Red-bearded Bee-eater 1
Black-thighed Falconet 2
Black-and-yellow Broadbill 2
Black-and-crimson Oriole 1
White-breasted Woodswallow 1
Scarlet Minivet 2
Sunda Pied Fantail 1
Ashy Drongo 4
Bornean Spangled Drongo 2
Pacific Swallow 6
Sunda Yellow-vented Bulbul 4
Asian Red-eyed Bulbul 1
Bornean Bulbul 4
Scaly-breasted Bulbul 2
Cinereous Bulbul 4
Striped Tit-Babbler 3
Pygmy Heleia 5
Rufous-tailed Tailorbird 2
Oriental Magpie-Robin 2
Blue-and-white Flycatcher 2
Bornean Leafbird 4
Asian Fairy-bluebird 1
Orange-bellied Flowerpecker 4
Yellow-eared Spiderhunter 2
Black-headed Munia 10
Tree Sparrow 40
Grey Wagtail 1

Male Jambu Fruit-Dove at Ba'kelalan

Female Jambu Fruit-Dove at Ba'kelalan

Pair of Jambu Fruit-Doves at Ba'kelalan

Male Thick-billed Green Pigeon at Ba'kelalan

Indian Cuckoo at Ba'kelalan

Cinereous Bulbul at Ba'kelalan

Red-bearded Bee-eater at Ba'kelalan

Pygmy Heleia at Ba'kelalan

Female Grey-rumped Treeswift at Ba'kelalan

Brown-backed Needletail at Ba'kelalan

Pair of Black-and-yellow Broadbills at Ba'kelalan

Rufous-tailed Tailorbird at Ba'kelalan

Cinnamon Bittern at Ba'kelalan

Sunda Scops Owl at Ba'kelalan