Sunday, 11 March 2018

11th March 2018 Ba'kelalan, Sarawak

Our last full day at Ba'kelalan and we again concentrated at mid-elevation along the Bario road where we heard a Hose's Broadbill on and off for over an hour late morning. It was in the vicinity of a fruiting tree but despite a long vigil we never saw it. In many ways a frustrating last day at a truly wonderful site where we had seen many superb species and thoroughly enjoyed staying at the Owl House and birding alongside their resident guide Badau. However, more 'Badau magic' was in store as he was keen to deliver one final new bird for us that he knew we desperately wanted to see so out we headed out after dark for what seemed like half the night until finally an Oriental Bay Owl performed for us - a great finale!

Eastern Spotted Dove 6
Mountain Imperial Pigeon 12
Indian Cuckoo h
Grey-rumped Treeswift 2
White-breasted Waterhen 2
Eastern Cattle Egret 30
Little Egret 1
Bar-winged Flycatcher-Shrike 1
White-breasted Woodswallow 1
Sunda Cuckooshrike 2
Grey-chinned Minivet 1
Ashy Drongo 2
Sunda Slender-billed crow 2
Pacific Swallow 2
Sunda Yellow-vented Bulbul 6
Bornean Bulbul 6
Oriental Magpie-Robin 1
Asian Brown Flycatcher 1
Blue-and-white Flycatcher 1
Bornean Leafbird 10
Tree Sparrow 10
Grey Wagtail 1

Oriental Bay Owl at Ba'kelalan