Monday, 19 September 2016

19th September 2016 Unst 2016 SW2

Drizzly rain on and off for the morning cleared into a beautiful day just as my parents arrived. A quick check of Norwick produced a brief view of a Barred Warber. As we drove through Skeggie a Phyllosc flew across the road so we stopped, JFC jumped out the car, and heard a Yellow-browed Warbler call that we soon tracked down to a rose. It then twice chased a Redstart being the first I've seen this Autumn. Haroldswick was productive with us seeing a Spotted Flycatcher and the Little Bunting that had been found yesterday that flew from the ditch and dropped in behind the pool. We then walked onto the beach and virtually immediately saw a Little Bunting that flew further along the beach. It wasn't then totally surprising when Paul French saw 2 together there later in the afternoon. Burrafirth held a Blackcap, 2 Yellow-browed Warblers and a Reed Warbler. Another look at Norwick produced a late surprise with a Barred Warbler seen chasing another around.

 Little Bunting at Haroldswick

Common Snipe at Burrafirth

Reed Warbler at Burrafirth

JFC straight into the action photographing a Barred Warbler