Saturday, 10 September 2016

10th September 2016 Unst SW7 Clear

Awoke to a strong southwesterly gale so was lacking in enthusiasm until seeing a Pied Flycatcher and a Willow Warbler sharing the shelter of the rose bush in the front garden. Tried Skaw but only saw the moulting adult Chiffchaff that's been present for a while there. Norwick also proved very quiet with just a Garden Warbler glimpsed in the difficult windy conditions. It suddenly fell calm this evening but a walk out on Clibberswick proved unproductive.

Pied Flycatcher at Millfield
in the strategically pruned rose!

White Wagtail at Millfield
on the strategically mowed lawn!

Curlews over Clibberswick
As dusk fell this flock of Curlew gained height and headed off south