Monday, 4 December 2017

4th December 2017 Mashpi to Bellavista

We awoke to steady rain so decided against visiting Mashpi Amagusa that was a pity. Instead, we did some Christmas shopping - buying some Mashpi chocolate bought from Alejandro! He kindly did us one last favour by giving us directions for the only two sites that he knows for where to look for Tanager Finch at Bellavista - our last remaining 'big' target on our whistle-stop tour of some west slope sites looking for a few select species that are now far better staked-out than at the time of my two previous visits to the area. We said our farewells and drove to Bellavista. On arrival it was foggy with light rain so weather that we had unfortunately become accustomed to. We met the owner, Richard, and asked him about any recent sightings of Tanager Finch but he was not sure of any. Despite the gloomy wet weather we headed to the first area described by Alejandro and almost immediately found a pair of Tanager Finches foraging along the roadside - superb!

Cattle Egret 2
Plumbeous Pigeon 3
Smooth-billed Ani 2
Speckled Hummingbird 2
Buff-tailed Coronet 15
Booted Racket-tail 2
Crimson-mantled Woodpecker 2
Pacific Hornero 4
Rufous Spinetail 3
Rufous-headed Pygmy-Tyrant 1
Smoke-coloured Pewee 1
Tropical Kingbird 2
Blue-and-white Swallow 4
Blackburnian Warbler 1
Masked Fowerpiercer 1
Golden Tanager 1
Blue-winged Mountain-Tanager 2
Blue-capped Tanager 1
Rufous-collared Sparrow 1

Tanager Finches at Bellavista

Plumbeous Pigeon at Bellavista