Monday, 15 May 2017

14th May 2017 Unst & Fetlar SE2

Brydon talked four of us into a day's rarity finding on Unst and Fetlar searching as many sites as we could from Skaw to Funzie along with his parent's kind hospitality treating us to a meal. We started well with finding a Dotterel and Unst's second-ever Little Ringed Plover at Lamba Ness. Other highlights included 2 Shorelarks at Lamba Ness, a Shorelark and the Short-toed Lark at Haroldswick, 2 male Grey-headed Wagtails at Norwick, a male Bluethroat at Funzie willows and a host of yearticks including Knot. Common Sandpiper, Common Tern, Cuckoo, Swift, Garden Warbler, Sedge Warbler, Spotted Flycatcher, Tree Sparrow and Goldfinch.

Barnacle Goose 1
House Martin 1
Whinchat 1

Lamba Ness
Little Ringed Plover 1 female
Dotterel 1
Shore Lark 2

Sparrowhawk 1
Garden Warbler 1
Redwing 2
Spotted Flycatcher 1
Robin 1
Redstart 1
Tree Sparrow 3
Grey-headed Wagtail 2 males
Tree Pipit 1
Brambling 5

North Dale
Cuckoo 1
Song Thrush 1

Common Sandpiper 1
Goldfinch 2

Kestrel 1
Knot 1
Short-toed Lark 1
Shore Lark 1
Pied Flycatcher 1
Dunnock 1
Reed Bunting 2

Sedge Warbler 1

Great Northern Diver 2
Shelduck 2
Pintail 2
Kestrel 1
Coot 1
Collared Dove 1
Chaffinch 1

Shoveler 1

Gutcher, Yell
Whooper Swan 1

Common Tern 1
Swift 1
Garden Warbler 2
Bluethroat 1 male
Pied Flycatcher 1
Redstart 2
Tree Pipit 1

Dotterel at Lamba Ness

Shore Lark at Lamba Ness
a richly-suffused individual

Little Ringed Plover at Lamba Ness
only the second-ever record for Unst!

Male Grey-headed Wagtail at Norwick

Collared Dove at Setters Hill

Common Swift on Fetlar