Friday, 20 May 2022

20th May 2022 Unst SSE3 Clear

A noticeably warmer day with the haar occasionally drifting in off the sea. Whilst chatting to Bertie at Skaw a Black Kite overflew, gaining height whilst heading northeast, but it returned c.5 minutes later. After seeing a Sand Martin, a House Martin, 2 Redwings and the Chiffchaff I took a walk up the road and saw a Meadow Pipit frantically chasing another passerine that flew up onto the electricity cables - a female Bluethroat! A walk around Norwick added a Sparrowhawk, 35 Wood Pigeon, a Collared Dove, the Cuckoo, a Sand Martin, a House Martin, an overflying Fieldfare, a singing Sedge Warbler, a Blackcap and 2 Willow Warblers. NorthDale was quieter with just a single Blackcap seen. Burrafirth held a Peregrine, a male Ring Ouzel and a Song Thrush.

Black Kite at Skaw
Clearly missing a primary on its left wing, on chatting to Brydon, it was the second of yesterday's birds. It doubles the number that I've now seen on Unst with Black Kites now outnumbering Red Kites 2:1.

Female Bluethroat at Skaw

Fieldfare over Norwick

Cuckoo at Norwick

Wood Pigeons at Norwick
part of the largest flock that I've seen on Shetland