Thursday, 6 September 2018

6th September 2018 Unst E3 Overcast

It felt another promising day with a brisk easterly and overcast conditions greeting me on my dawn arrival at Skaw albeit all I found there was a single Willow Warbler and a single Common Rosefinch. Lamba Ness proved quiet so I headed home to take a walk around Norwick. I'd soon seen the same birds that were present yesterday consisting of the Pied Flycatcher, Garden Warbler and 2 Willow Warblers and was just leaving Valyie when I heard what sounded likely to prove the second tongue-clicking 'tacking' Acro I'd stumbled across this week. I'd soon pinpointed it to the ivy-covered roof(!) of a barn where the moving foliage gave away its presence but the bird remained hidden. I tried a little playback of the calls of a BRW, that in hindsight was probably a mistake, as it jumped out onto the top of the ivy before promptly flying at me, over my left shoulder and into a thicket! Looking up at the bird I couldn't see its primary projection albeit the couple of images obtained suggested BRW over Marsh Warbler. Two hours later and I'd not heard or seen it again so I walked home. On arriving home I was greeted with the news that Brydon had found a BRW in Halligarth! After a cup of coffee I was back across to Valyie but it took 4 hours before I heard a couple of deep 'tac' calls that I was sure was it. I tried pishing and it finally gave itself up - the first BRW I've found in the UK - result! We then made an evening visit to Burrafirth where a Barred Warbler was calling frequently at dusk. 

Blyth's Reed Warbler at Valyie

Barred Warbler at Burrafirth