Monday, 3 September 2018

1st September 2018 Unst SSW2 Misty and drizzle

A late afternoon visit to Burrafirth revealed the continued presence of the Common Rosefinch but I then heard an Acro repeating a deep 'chet' call and then a series of churring 'trrrrr' alarm calls so it raised my hopes that it might be a Blyth's Reed Warbler. I then managed a very brief glimpse of it in flight but couldn't discern anything other than it appeared sandy-coloured in flight. By chance, Mike arrived but it proved incredibly skulking, being particularly inconsiderate of it as we were being eaten alive by a mushroom cloud of midges! However, we eventually nailed it - our second Marsh Warbler of the Autumn. A case of de-ja-vu as I'd heard a Marsh Warbler calling in the Spring at Valyie that sounded pretty much identical to and readily responded to playback of calls of BRW. 

Marsh Warbler at Burrafirth
More readily identifiable on seeing its upperparts lacking any rufous tones, long primary projection, thick yellowish-pink tarsus, pale claws and short robust bill.