Tuesday, 3 July 2018

3rd July 2018 Unst WNW2

The Reed warbler was still singing at Valyie. In Baltasound a pair of Tree Sparrows were seen feeding a recently-fledged juvenile and an unseasonable female Pied Flycatcher was a surprise!

Tree Sparrows in Baltasound

First-summer female Pied Flycatcher at Baltasound
An unseasonable silent female Ficedula was worthy of close scrutiny especially one appearing to lack a white edge to its shortest tertial (but that proved only to be the case on its left wing) but its tiny primary patch (consistent with the illustration of that of a first-summer female Pied in Mild & Shirihai Birding World Vol.7 No.6), lack of a median covert bar and blackish uppertail-coverts all point to it being a Pied Flycatcher.