Tuesday, 22 August 2017

22nd August 2017 Unst E1 Clear

A light easterly with clear skies felt nice conditions to be out early birding. On driving the first mile to Skaw I counted 120 Meadow Pipits but was then disappointed to find just a single Willow Warbler at Skaw. A single Ruff was at Loch of Cliff as were a number of fledged Fulmars. A walk around Norwick added just another single Willow Warbler and a few Pied and White Wagtails on the beach. The meagre highlight of the day was a flock of 9 Black-tailed Godwits flying past whilst I was cutting the grass this afternoon!

Meadow Pipits on the drive to Skaw

 Merlins are conspicuous presumably enjoying the Meadow Pipit passage 

Ruff at Loch of Cliff