Friday, 28 July 2017

28th July 2017 Unst SE1 Clear

The first juvenile Black-headed Gull of the Autumn was seen on the wing at Norwick this morning where a walk around produced nothing more than a couple of Sanderling on the beach. Having seen two of the Two-barred Crossbills fly off high SW late yesterday afternoon it was almost a surprise to find all three present at Setters Hill. We then saw 2 male Common Crossbills fly over the Post Office towards Halligarth and another male Common Crossbill at Ungirsta pines.

Juvenile Black-headed Gull at Norwick
being the first juvenile I've seen on  the wing on Unst this year

Hooded Crow at Norwick

First-winter female Two-barred Crossbill at Setters Hill
The 'new' individual found by Brydon yesterday  A greyer and more heavily-streaked individual than the original first-summer female with less broad wingbars courtesy of its mainly retained juvenile wing-coverts and having white fringes to its tertials - interesting to see how the width of the tertial fringe differs on each of the three feathers and that it's missing its innermost tertial on its left wing that was still present yesterday as shown by Brydon's image of it on twitter.

First-summer female Two-barred Crossbill at Setters Hill
the original bird still showing well

Male Common Crossbill at Ungirsta