Monday, 27 February 2012

27th February 2012 Nemuro

Diver sp. 1
Pelagic Cormorant 50
Harlequin 100
Long-tailed Duck 5
Black Scoter 300
Goldeneye 10
Red-breasted Merganser 10
Goosander 40
Black-eared Kite 20
White-tailed Eagle 5
Steller's Sea-Eagle 10
Slaty-backed Gull 50
Glaucous-winged Gull 10
Glaucous Gull 10
Guillemot sp. 1
Spectacled Guillemot 15
URAL OWL 1 ex.
Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker 1
Great Spotted Woodpecker 1
Carrion Crow 5
Large-billed Crow 10
Eastern Great Tit 5
Marsh Tit 6
Brown-eared Bulbul 2
Nuthatch 2
Dusky Thrush 15
Tree Sparrow 20

 Great Spotted Woodpecker at Lodge Furen

 Siberian Nuthatch at Lodge Furen

 Marsh Tit at Lodge Furen

 The road to Nemuro

 Driving on ice in Nemuro

Cape Nosappu Lighthouse

that fortunately always provided some shelter from the bitter northeasterly wind!

Cape Nosappu

Drake Harlequin at Cape Nosappu

Adult Steller's Sea-Eagle at Cape Nosappu

Koji Niiya

We met this very knowledgable English-speaking local birder and guide ( twitching our American White-winged Scoter that we together unfortunately found dead. However, amazingly, he found his own around three weeks later being the third for Japan as the second was found off Choshi in the intervening period. Brilliant! Well done Koji! 

A walk into the woods in thick snow

Spot the Ural Owl!

Ural Owl

 We weren't even gone for very long...!