Monday, 27 August 2018

27th August 2018 Unst NE2 Overcast clearing

After an overnight southeasterly courtesy of a Low Pressure I arrived at Skaw early but no migrants were in evidence. However, a large flock of Starlings arrived from roost that included a juvenile Rosy Starling - a nice enough result for an early start. I cranked-up the ISO but barely achieved a few record shots. I was soon joined by Al Conlin who arrived just in time as soon after the Starlings started dispersing and we soon lost it. We then tried a few sites together but disappointingly a couple of Merlins and a Willow Warbler was our only reward. Then, early afternoon, I found 3 newly-arrived Barred Warblers in quick succession at Kirkaton, Skaw and Lamba Ness and then saw a fourth that Al had found at Burrafirth (Brydon found another at Hermaness). Otherwise migrants remained decidedly thin on the ground for us with just a single Reed Warbler and c.5 Willow Warblers seen.

   Juvenile Rosy Starling and two Common Starlings

Barred Warbler at Skaw

Barred Warbler at Burrafirth