Sunday, 19 August 2018

19th August 2018 Unst W1 Clear

A look around north Unst had produced just a single Willow Warbler when Brydon found c.15 Minke Whales feeding close inshore off Muness accompanied by c.1,000 Gannets! On arrival we enjoyed the sheer spectacle when Brydon phoned to say he'd glimpsed an Acro in the Muness iris beds. It proved incredibly elusive with the occasional glimpse of it in flight proving the norm but finally it posed long enough on a stone wall, albeit at distance, for an image to be obtained - Reed Warbler.

Brydon and film crew watching the Minke Whales off Muness

Gannets off Muness

Minke Whales off Muness

Reed Warbler at Muness