Monday, 6 June 2016

6th June 2016 Unst NE3 Clear

After a few days of blasting cold northeasterly winds it was nice to awake to less windy conditions. Skaw produced a nice summer-plumaged Knot on the beach and a skein of Geese that flew due north out to sea. A Whooper Swan had arrived nearby. A Reed Warbler that was first heard singing yesterday was still present at Norwick that had been joined by a Willow Warbler and Spotted Flycatcher. Other sites visited produced little more than a scatter of Chiffchaffs. Suddenly wild flowers are carpeting the island and a few Orchids were found amongst them as well as Edmondston's Chickweed that is endemic to Unst being one of the rarest plants in the World!

Knot 1 summer-plumage

Stormy seas subsiding at Skaw looking towards Lamba Ness

Red-throated Diver

Drake Eider at Skaw

Summer-plumaged Knot at Skaw

Golden Plover

Reed Warbler h
Willow Warbler 1
Chiffchaff 4
Spotted Flycatcher 1

Chiffchaff c.5

Heath Spotted Orchid at Lamba Ness

Northern Marsh Orchid at Setters Hill

Frog Orchid at the Keen of Hamar

Early Purple Orchid at the Keen of Hamar

Edmondston's Chickweed at the Keen of Hamar