Wednesday, 1 June 2016

1st June 2016 Unst N4-5 Overcast

As anticipated an unpleasantly cold northerly wind didn't produce any migrants. However, Freda very kindly gave me two Sycamore saplings to plant in my garden. Brydon asked if I would help with his beached bird survey but I wasn't anticipating anything to be alive so got a shock as I walked to check a Gannet for rings/oiling when it sprang into life and grabbed the tip of my boot - it always pays to wear protective clothing!

Juvenile Blackbird at Norwick
probably wishing it hadn't chosen to fledge on such a cold and unpleasant day 

 Gannet on Burrafirth beach
it clearly knew that a quick check of its secondaries and length of its gular stripe would be in order!!