Monday, 26 January 2015

Sussex Caspian Gull recoveries

The Museum and Institute of Zoology of the Polish Academy of Sciences have kindly been in touch to say that a couple of colour-ringed Caspian Gulls that we have encountered in Sussex have been recorded subsequent to leaving Sussex as follows:

Colour-ringed adult male Caspian Gull PEAA in the Cuckmere on 16/12/2012
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First ringed at a Caspian Gull breeding colony in Poland as a 3CY+ male on the 19/4/2011 it was seen in a river valley at Maasbracht in the Netherlands on three dates in August 2011. A year later it was seen at the same site on 28/8/2012 before moving c.40 miles southwest along the river valley into Belgium where it was seen at Lixhe on the 10/9/2012.
Same bird photographed in Belgium on the 10/9/2012 (Charlie Farinelle)
We saw it in the Cuckmere on the 16/12/2012 and it then made its third consecutive August appearance back at Maasbracht in the Netherlands on the 6/8/2013 before being seen back at its original colony in Poland on the 29/6/2014.

Map showing the Cuckmere, Maasbracht and the Polish colony

Showing such spatial site fidelity has it been 'missed' back in the Cuckmere in the last two Decembers, and will it be seen again there in future years...
Colour-ringed first-winter Caspian Gull PKPK at Rye Harbour NR on 23/12/2012
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First ringed at a Caspian Gull colony in Poland as a nestling on the 25/5/2012 it was next seen by Kris Gillam at Newhaven Harbour on the 3/12/2012 and 4/12/2012 before we saw it at Rye Harbour NR on the 23/12/2012. It was next seen at a landfill site at Skegness, Lincolnshire on the 2/4/2013 but not again until appearing on Texel in the Netherlands on 22/7/2014.
Same bird now a second-summer photographed on Texel on the 22/7/2014 (Job Ten Horn)
Map showing Sussex, Skegness, Texel and the Polish colony