Saturday, 24 January 2015

24th January 2015 Littlehampton, Barnham & Steyning SF

Kumlien's Gull 1 second-winter

Second-winter Kumlien's Gull at Littlehampton
Great news that this obliging and educational bird is back for its second winter at the mouth of the River Arun now sporting pink-based bill, a pale eye, a mirror on p10 and beginning to acquire a pale grey mantle. Clearly at the dark end of the spectrum as opposed to the Roedean second-winter.

Whooper Swan 2+

Adult Whooper Swan at Barnham

Ruff 2

Steyning SF
Chiffchaff c.8+
Siberian Chiffchaff 2

Grey-brown crown and mantle appearing slightly greyer on the nape giving the effect of a greyish shawl. Green on upperparts restricted to this individual's back and rump. Long pale buff supercilia lacking yellow. Dark centres to tertials.

Tiny black bill often held upturned and appearing upcurved. Thin black legs and black feet.
Buff face at some angles appearing tinged a warmer brown.
Taking on a pale and very cold grey appearance.
Nice dark alula and green fringes to its secondaries and primaries forming a rather pronounced green 'wing panel'. Pale tips to greater coverts forming a slight wing-bar. 
Buff wash to breast sides extending across upper breast. Remainder of underparts whitish lacking yellow.
Siberian Chiffchaffs at Steyning SF
Interesting to see how light and angle affect the appearance of ARK's tristis in these images through colourless, grey and white, to sporting nicotine-stained ear-coverts - unfortunately they remained silent but afforded great views in amongst what felt at times a fall of collybita!