Sunday, 29 January 2012

29th January 2012 Blackdown Overcast and misty

Parrot Crossbill 1 female
Crossbill c.50

Female Parrot Crossbill at Blackdown

Male Parrot Crossbill Holkham 1984? (Terry Box)
A comparative image of the male of the infamous breeding pair. Its bill structure, forehead profile, headshape and thick-set appearance all appear a dead-ringer to the Blackdown individual... 

Female Parrot Crossbill at Blackdown
Note its stocky thick-set appearance with a large head, bull-neck, large 'square' bill with a swollen bulging vaguely S-shaped lower mandible. It sports more than a hint of a grey brow and pale cutting edges, especially to its lower mandible.

Male Common Crossbill at Blackdown
At least two males were sporting white wingbars