Sunday, 17 October 2010

17/10/10 Hegura-jima, Japan

17/10/10: The wind had switched to an easterly direction overnight and the sea had calmed. Thankfully the ferry was running and the 90 minute trip was enlivened by the Streaked Shearwaters. We were met at the quay on Hegura-jima by Chris Cook who kindly brought us up-to-date with the island’ bird news and where we immediately saw a European Starling at the park that was proving popular with our Japanese counterparts. Good numbers of Daurian Redstarts, Dusky Thrushes and Siskins were immediately apparent on the isle. We dropped our bags at Minshuku Tsuki and soon made our way to the southwestern enclosures but failed to find Japan’s third Booted Warbler that had been present there for several weeks prior to our arrival and that Chris had seen the previous afternoon. However, we did find a Siberian Rubythroat there and a Yellow-browed Warbler nearby. We then walked the west coast to the northern shrine in a freshening W5 before trying the Observation Platform from where Chris had seen a juvenile Japanese Robin bathing in the drinking pool the previous two evenings. Unfortunately it started raining at 4.30pm and despite remaining until dark the Robin failed to perform.

Wajima Harbour

Grey Heron at Wajima Harbour

Osprey with breakfast at Wajima Harbour

Juvenile Black-eared Kite at Wajima Harbour

Adult winter Black-tailed Gull at Wajima Harbour

First-winter Black-tailed Gull at Wajima Harbour

Streaked Shearwater seen from the crossing to Hegura-jima

Approaching Hegura-jima

First-winter male Daurian Redstart near the quay

Dusky Thrush at the Harbour Park

Black-backed Wagtail at the Harbour Park

Brambling near the Lighthouse

Male Elegant Bunting in the South west Enclosures

Pacific (Arctic) Warbler in the South west Enclosures

Eastern Rook in the South west Enclosures

Rustic Bunting in the South west Enclosures

Male Elegant Bunting in the South west Enclosures

Pacific (Arctic) Warbler in the South west Enclosures

Female Daurian Redstart in the South west Enclosures

Skylark on the South west beach

Dusky Thrush on the South west beach

Female Daurian Redstart on the South west beach

Siskin along the western track

Adult male Daurian Redstart

Hawfinch at the Observation Platform
Species noted:
Streaked Shearwater 100
Grey Heron 3
Gadwall 5 from ferry
Mallard 2
Spot-billed Duck 1
Osprey 1 Wajima Harbour
Black-eared Kite 25
Japanese Sparrowhawk 1
Sparrowhawk 2
Merlin 1
Peregrine 1
Black-headed Gull 1
Black-tailed Gull 50
Slaty-backed Gull 1
Rufous Turtle Dove 4
Skylark 6
Olive-backed Pipit 1
Siberian Buff-bellied Pipit 1
Black-backed Wagtail 6
Japanese Wagtail 1 Wajima Harbour
Brown-eared Bulbul 2
Siberian Rubythroat 1
Red-flanked Bluetail 2 fem-type
Daurian Redstart 50
Siberian Stonechat 3
Blue Rock Thrush 3
Pale Thrush 6
Dusky Thrush 20
Japanese Bush Warbler 5
Pacific Arctic Warbler 5
Yellow-browed Warbler 2
Goldcrest 12
Japanese White-eye 2
Eastern Rook 6
Large-billed Crow 2
White-cheeked Starling 6
European Starling 1
Brambling 10
Oriental Greenfinch 5
Siskin 200
Japanese Grosbeak 1
Hawfinch 4
Black-faced Bunting spodocephala 1
Elegant Bunting 10
Rustic Bunting 3