Saturday, 16 October 2010

16/10/10 Wajima, Japan

16/10/10 Awoke to a windy morning, West 5, so it was no surprise that the ferry was again cancelled. We walked to the harbour to photograph the Black-eared Kites and Gulls present and whilst there became aware of a Wildfowl movement seeing several flocks heading in a westerly direction along the shore. We returned to the Route Inn where we found a convenient location to seawatch seeing nearly 500 Mandarin fly past by midday when the passage had virtually ceased. Lesser numbers of Wigeon, Teal, Mallard, Spot-billed Ducks, Pintail, Scaup and Tufted Duck were all seen also moving west. Walked to Wajima Park where we spent the afternoon although with the exception of a female Daurian Redstart no migrants were obvious.

Adult winter Black-tailed Gull at Wajima Harbour

First-winter Black-tailed Gulls at Wajima Harbour

First-winter Black-headed Gull at Wajima Harbour

Juvenile Black-eared Kites at Wajima Harbour

Mandarin and Teal over Wajima Harbour

Eastern Great Tit at the Route Inn, Wajima

Mandarin flying west off Wajima

Osprey along Wajima seafront

Blue Comma at Wajima Park

Spider at Wajima Park
Species noted:
Cormorant 8
Grey Heron 6
Mandarin Duck 500W
Wigeon 12
Teal 15
Mallard 12
Spot-billed Duck 10
Pintail 1 drake
Scaup 1 female
Tufted Duck 1 drake
Osprey 1
Black-eared Kite c.80
Black-headed Gull 1
Black-tailed Gull 500
Vega Gull 6
Slaty-backed Gull 3
Feral Pigeon 2
Black-backed Wagtail 2
Brown-eared Bulbul 10
Daurian Redstart 1 female
Blue Rock Thrush 32
Eastern Great Tit 2
Bull-headed Shrike 1
Carrion Crow 6
Large-billed Crow 20
Tree Sparrow 10
Siskin 3