Saturday, 23 July 2011

23rd July 2011 Birling Gap Seawatch 6.45am-7.30am NE2 Overcast

Great Crested Grebe 2E
Heron 1
Cormorant 10 (incl. 5E)
Scoter 10E
Sparrowhawk 1
Kestrel 1
Arctic Tern 1 juv./1s ex. back and forth off Birling
Sandwich Tern 60W
Yellow-legged Gull 1 juv. ex.
Mediterranean Gull 1 juv. off Birling
Arctic Skua 1 second-summer ex. with boldly barred underwings chasing the Arctic Tern
Cuckoo 1 juv. ex.
Swift 15W
Swallow 23
Sand Martin 12W
Pied Wagtail 10
Grasshopper Warbler 1 ex.
Whitethroat c.20
Blackcap 2
Willow Warbler 3 juv.

Harbour Porpoise 2
Seal 1
Hare 1

Brown Argus 3

Juvenile Grey Heron over Birling 

 Juvenile Blackbirds at Birling

Male Blackbird at Birling

Starlings at Birling 

 Juvenile Yellow-legged Gull at Belle Tout Lighthouse

 Juvenile Cuckoo at Belle Tout

 Adult female Sparrowhawk at Birling

 Migrant Hawker at Belle Tout

Comma at Belle Tout 

Brown Argus at the Old Trapping Area 

Grasshopper Warbler at the Old Trapping Area 

Red Admiral at the Old Trapping Area