Sunday, 10 July 2011

10th July 2011 Beachy Head Calm and sunny

Sparrowhawk 1
Black-headed Gull c.20
Mediterranean Gull 1W ad. summer
Herring Gull c.150 including 1 juv. - our first of the year
Sand Martin 12W
Swallow 6
Meadow Pipit c.50
Pied Wagtail 5
Whitethroat 20
Starling c.400

Male Stonechat at Birling Gap

Juvenile Herring Gull at Belle Tout

In comparison with yesterday's juvenile Yellow-legged Gulls note the smaller bill, brown head, barred greater upperwing coverts, obvious pale window on the inner primaries and short p9 and p10 giving a club-winged appearance in flight.

Juvenile to first-winter Pied Wagtails M. a. yarelli at Birling Gap
I never find identifying Autumn alba Wagtails to form that straightforward but the black rump visible in flight and grey flanks on these individuals would appear to eliminate the possibility alba. It is interesting to note the progression in the forehead colour from grey in juvenile plumage to white in some first-winter individuals.
Beachy Head Hotel Garden