Sunday, 1 February 2004

1st February 2004 Cockshut Road, Lewes and Newhaven 9.30am – 11.30am. Overcast with moderate west wind at Newhaven

Black-headed Gull c.100
Common Gull c.100
Herring Gull c.50
Yellow-legged Gull 2 adults Both looked very similar in appearance. Mantle slightly darker and bluer-grey than accompanying argenteus Herring Gulls. Eye appeared smaller and darker though still a pale iris. Head completely white. Bill yellow with red gonys spot. Legs yellow. Smaller white spots on primaries than argenteus Herring Gulls. Underside of longest primary had black tip with large white mirror but otherwise dark.
Lesser Black-backed Gull c.25
Northern Long-tailed Tit 1 caudatus fairly brief views in the copse with a party of British Long-tailed Tits all of which soon moved off west.
British Long-tailed Tit c.6