Friday, 30 January 2004

30th January Cockshut Road, Lewes 1.00pm – 2.30pm. Sunny and calm

Northern Long-tailed Tit 2 ex.

All birds appeared similar and although some differences were noted as they were constantly on the move it was difficult ascertain which individual was being watched at any one time. Size and structure very similar to British Long-tailed Tit though appeared noticeably longer-tailed. Eye very dark with a hint of a pinkish tinge. Bill and legs black. Overall far more contrastingly black-and-white in comparison to British Long-tailed Tit. Head, throat and upper breast white. One individual showed a small dark spot in the centre of the breast. Nape, mantle and rump black with the black of the nape extending to a point on the neck-sides. Scapulars pink.  Wing coverts and primaries black. Secondaries broadly edged white forming an obvious wing panel. Tertials often appeared wholly white though one bird at least, showed narrow dark shaft streaks.  Flanks,  belly and undertail-coverts a pale sugar-pink. Call very similar to British Long-tailed Tit.

Northern Long-tailed Tit

Northern Long-tailed Tit
Northern Long-tailed Tits at Lewes (Adrian Webb)