Sunday, 19 August 2001

19th August 2001 Beachy 6.00am - 10.20am sea-watching. Very strong southerly wind with heavy pulses of rain arriving from the sea

Fulmar c.30
Manx Shearwater 2E at 9.05.
Balearic Shearwater 7E (6 dark, 1 pale) at 6.20, 6.29, 6.39, 6.52, 7.18, 8.01, 9.33. Mainly very close. Dark birds all showing at least a hint of or a more extensive pale belly and greyish underwing-coverts. Pale bird showed dusky armpits (seen well) and extensive dusky undertail-coverts. Pale throat, whitish belly and underwing-coverts. Excellent.
Gannet c.500E mainly very close
Teal c.10E
Scoter c.20E
Oystercatcher c.10
Grey Plover 1 s/p E
Skua sp. 2 very distant birds - prob. Arctic Skuas but difficult to see any detail on very dark looking birds - white bases to primaries just visible on one individual.
Kittiwake c.20E
Sandwich Tern c.20E
Commic Tern c.30E
Black Tern c.3E
Swift c.5 heading south out to sea
House Martin c.10