Saturday, 18 August 2001

18th August 2001 Cuckmere 5.45am - 6.00am. Beachy 6.00am - 1.00pm. Overcast with light southerly breeze

Heron 2 very high heading west
Sparrowhawk 1
Kestrel c.3
Peregrine 2 adults (2 on exhibit by a falconer)
Barbary Falcon / Lanner 1 falconer had a ‘Lanner’ which possessed some rufous in the in the crown/nape and a dark mantle suggesting a ‘European’ Lanner though also quite rufous on the underparts reminding me of Barbary Falcon.
Saker / Saker/Gyr hybrid 1 falconer had a ‘Saker’ which I suspect was a Gyr and she confirmed it may have some Gyr genes though initially was adamant it was a ‘pure’ Saker. Very pale crown and underparts and cold grey-brown upperparts. Very large in comparison to her other Falcons.
Barn Owl 1 on exhibit by falconer
Sand Martin c.50
Swallow c.5
House Martin c.10
Rock Pipit c.8
Meadow Pipit c.10
Tree Pipit 2W
Pied Wagtail 3
Yellow Wagtail c.4
Nightingale 1 seen in flight and heard croaking at bottom of the run in Hollow.
Wheatear c.5
Garden Warbler 1
Blackcap 2
Lesser Whitethroat 1
Whitethroat c.15
Sedge Warbler 1
Reed Warbler 1
Willow Warbler c.5
Chiffchaff 2
Spotted Flycatcher 1
Corn Bunting1