Monday, 13 February 2017

13th February 2017 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Having decided to visit Vietnam somewhat 'last minute' we did not have time to apply for a visa so were limited to spending 15 days in the country. It seemed a good opportunity to add a week visiting Cambodia and as we would then be prevented from re-entering Vietnam for 90 days for a return flight to the UK we decided to fly to/fro Kuala Lumpar adding a 3 day 'stopover' to try and see a few target species missed during previous trips to the country. This included Mountain Peacock-Pheasant that had a near-mythical status at the time of our previous visit to Fraser's Hill but in recent years has been being seen regularly at Bukit Tingii. We arrived in Kuala Lumpur on time late afternoon with British Airways and caught the shuttle train to Terminal 2 where we walked to and checked-in to the Tune Airport Hotel where 6 Pacific Swallows were flying around the courtyard and an Asian Magpie-Robin was seen nearby. We walked back to the airport terminal to eat at Burger King and buy some bread and bananas at a local supermarket. A pair of Common Mynas repeatedly flew into the glass of one of the terminal building windows trying to take a Gecko sat on the inside of the window! A thunderstorm passed through encouraging a flock of Swiftlets to fly low over the grass that was also playing host to a large Pipit (Paddyfield/Richard's) but all too soon it was dark.

Swiflet sp. c.30
Pacific Swallow 6
Asian Magpie-Robin 1
large Pipit sp. 1
Common Myna 4